Press Release – Miss World Lesotho 2015

This year might not be the first year that the People’s Republic of China hosts Miss World, the finale taking place at the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre in Sanya, but it will surely be an unforgettable adventure for this year’s contestants. Miss World 2015 will commence from the 21st November to the 20th December, the coronation day sitting comfortably on the 19th December 2015.

Relebohile Kobeli

Relebohile Kobeli


Tourism is of essence in the beauty pageant industry. Sanya has been marked as one on the tourist attractions in China. It is one of the destinations in the world where nature meets fantasies, its AAAA grade butterfly park, Tianya haijiao “The End of the Sky and The Corner of the Sea” are but a few of the wonders that harbor this area; a world class venue for a world class pageant and a final destination for international recreation.

During the stay in Sanya, the Miss World 2015 contestants will be hosted by the majestic Beauty crown Sanya China Resort. Though the concept of the architecture is fun and playful it has a meaning that goes beyond the Lego structure. Its tree form shows the versatility of the building in being outstanding and being in tune with the natural environment in the surrounding area.

Lesotho was first represented in early 1980s though it is in the recent years that Lesotho began to shake up the grounds of Miss World, with Karabelo Mokoallo placing in the top 20 with her Beauty With a Purpose project in the year 2010 and Nthole Matela being awarded with a gold medal for a good performance in sports and fitness last year. The question that remains in peoples’ minds is whether this year we will be consistent with our improvements.


Social media is limited in China as such updates on the competition can be followed on the Miss World website (URL: as well as by downloading the new and improved Miss World Mobile app which will soon be made available to android phone users moreover, information is also made available on social media by independent pageant enthusiast as well as from other media houses.

It is important for me to represent every girl who has ever had a dream; I am selling a message of possibilities when the world is yelling “impossible”. I aspire to lead a life where young girls and youth at large don’t seek to live their dreams through me but to influence them and inspire them to chase and work towards realizing their own.  I am Relebohile Kobeli, Miss World Lesotho 2015.


Khotso Pula Nala