Lesotho National Association of the Physically Disabled (LNAPD)

LNAPD, Maseru, Lesotho

Head Office: (+266) 22320366; Itjareng: (+266) 28350279


LNAPD was formed by a group of persons with visual & physical disabilities in 1984. They were inspired by absence of an organisation that would serve as a voice of persons with disability.  LNAD (Lesotho National Association of the Disabled) was later changed to LNAPD (Lesotho National Association of the Physically Disabled) after the formation of the Lesotho National League of the visually impaired persons in 1986. In 1987 through action on Disability in Lesotho. The outcome showed a very low standard of education among people with disabilities.

LNAPD is currently managing a vocational training centre known as Itjareng Vocational Training centre at Masianokeng.  The centre accepts people who have mental disability, and speech and hearing impairment and partially sighted. The intake of the centre is thirty-two(32) and the skills offered range from leather work, metal work, sewing, agriculture, woodwork including literacy and numeracy.

Challenges and needs

  • Lack of comprehensive organisational strategic plan
  • Lack of transport for outreach to physically disabled membership
  • No sufficient internal policies aligned to the constitution in providing adequate vision, management tools and continuity security for the organisation
  • No adequate leadership succession plan
  • The working facilities not conducive enough, i.e. the roof is leaking
  • No sufficient fund raising expertise for internal and external funders

Contact Information

(+266) 22320366

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