The African Creatives Indaba – Conference

Event Description

The African Creatives Indaba (TACI) is an initiative formed by a group of five young Basotho professionals in the creative industry and related fields, namely:

  1. Matli Mohapeloa – Reputable actor who has established his name in the Film and Television Industry in South Africa
  2. Lipalesa Kolane – Assistant Vice President for the youth customer value propositions: ABSA Bank Limited
  3. Lineo Tsikoane – Lesotho based Human Rights lawyer
  4. Tholoana Ncheke – Legal Officer: Film and Publication Board
  5. Libe Mohale – Founder of Fun and Class Relations Agency (PR and Branding)

These individuals are often approached by scholars in Lesotho asking for guidance on their career paths in the creative space, most pertinent of the questions being around job opportunities and sustainability in the creative industry. Recognising this gap, the five decided to form TACI: a youth-based initiative aimed at educating, supporting and informing Basotho and other Africans about opportunities within the creative space and how the world is gradually moving towards appreciating creative professionals as decision makers and influencers in corporate industries.


Conference: 13 May 2017

TACI will host their first open mic conference at Lehakoe Recreation and Cultural Centre in Maseru, Lesotho on 13 May 2017. This will be a one-day event that will address the ups and downs of the creative industry as well as opportunities that are available for young Basotho creatives. There will be an exhibition by Basotho creatives which will be curated by Matli Mohapeloa. This will be open from 13 May 2017 – 12 June 2017.


Topics to be addressed

Topic Speaker
Education and the creative space Lipalesa Didi Kolane
Relationship between traditional and creative careers in Africa (Film and Creative Spaces) Tholoana Ncheke
Business behind the Arts Libe Swiss Mohale
Being an actor and brand ambassador in Africa Matli Mohapeloa
Communication and Human Rights in Africa Lineo Tsikoane


The program and event flow:

09:45    Arrival and Registration

10:30    Welcome and House Rules

11:00    Education and the Creative Space

11:45    Relationship between traditional and creative careers in Africa (Film and Creative Spaces)

12:30    Open mic and Break

13:00    Business Behind Arts

13:45    Being an actor and brand ambassador in Africa

14:30    Human Rights in Africa and Communication

15:15    Networking/Entertainment and Exhibition viewing

19:00    End of event


To accomplish the task and successively roll out a sustainable initiative such as this, we need help from supportive media house like yours. Accordingly, the TACI team would like to invite you to partner in this initiative and support growth and development in the creative industry.


Media contact:

  1. Mr Libe Mohale


Mobile: (+27) 0782950936


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