God’s Love Centre

Naledi, Maseru, Lesotho

(+266) 63108716, (+266) 56102827

Weekdays: 08:00 – 17:00; Saturdays: 08:00


In 2000, Maneo Matontsi established an orphanage at Ha Mabote with only 4 abandoned children. The children increased from 4 to 12 at the time which they couldn’t fit well because the shelter was too small for such a number of people. For such reason they moved from there to another larger shelter at Maqhekung. The number of children kept increasing at the increasing rate. This prompt the organisation from United states of America called Rise Africa to fund and build a larger centre for this children and their caregivers. This is the place they now reside in at Naledi Ha Rasta called God’s Love Centre.

Challenges and needs of the organisation

  • Lack of funding for house maintenance and members sustainability (clothes & Food)
  • No Orphanage Vehicle, especially at the time of children’s medical check-ups including ones that are disabled, which has been costly for public transport.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 494, Maseru West

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